Purchasing a Nintendo Switch in 2022

As an elder millennial, I love each time the fun and nostalgia from my childhood find a new home in the hearts of younger generations. From Scooby Doo to Transformers to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, some childhood favorites are being reimaged. But similar to LEGO, some new toys and entertainment from my childhood have kept that same magic (in new packaging). Although my son and I still use my old NES and Nintendo 64 together, the Nintendo Switch is truly an incredible blend of nostalgia and new. From day one, the Switch has been a joy to both play and watch others enjoy.

The King of Couch Co-op

Before the days of smartphones, wireless internet, discord, and twitch, finding an entertainment system to play in-person, on the same couch, with your friends was not a challenge. Every system was offered this way for obvious reason. We also only called them “video game systems” at the time, and not entertainment systems, since their reasons for existence were simple and uncongested. Those days are long gone in only a few decades, and while I love the 4K surround, 3D, intelligent AI experiences that have resulted in years of innovation, it is hard to top the feeling of crushing your friends in Halo or Super Smash Brothers when they are sitting right next to you.

In a home with both a Nintendo Switch OLED and Microsoft Xbox Series X, I can tell you they both have strong advantages. It all comes down to what games you play, how you want to play, what your friends use, and what else you want to use these systems for outside of video games. In this article, I will also compare the newer OLED Switch to the standard 1st and 2nd generation. But with a focus on Nintendo, the true king of couch co-op in 2022, you cannot go wrong for adults and children with a Switch, especially if you have some Nintendo affinity in your DNA.

Specific to the couch (or at least the same room), nothing can beat the Nintendo for the quantity and quality of in-person gaming. Regardless of the console version you have, almost every game they produce (especially with their own IP like Mario) is first designed with in-person gaming in mind. Will this change in the future? No one knows, but even in 2022, the Nintendo is an incredible party and friend choice, offering variety for a spectrum of interests and activities. Their games like Switch Sports, Mario Tennis, Ring Fit, and Mario Kart Live even get you off the couch and moving in fun and creative ways. I love these active games, and they provide an excellent alternative to traditional exercise (while at the same time being loads of fun!).

To Buy or Not to Buy

It might be clear by now that the Nintendo Switch is an absolute “BUY” from me in 2022. I will say the same in 2023. Not only does Nintendo still have a huge collection of new games planned over the next year that have been announced, but they haven’t given an indication that a new system would be released before 2024 at the earliest. Now, anything is possible, but the enjoyment and portability of the Switch will last even after the next gen finally releases. Winding down doesn’t seem to be in the cards either, with massive games like the sequel to Zelda’s Breath of the Wild in the works.

So, the second question, OLED Switch or standard Switch? With the pricing between the two typically within $50, and the upgrades offered on the OLED, that one wins out from my perspective. A few reasons:

  • Higher resolution, larger OLED screen (7″ OLED vs 6.2″ LCD)
  • OLED offers better color range, contrast and saturation, and overall picture quality
  • Hard-wired ethernet connection (great for online play, faster updates and games like Fortnite)
  • OLED model offers a much nicer out-of-the-box kickstand that also adjusts
  • Twice the internal storage included (64GB vs 32GB)

If you don’t already own a Switch model, the OLED is the one to get. If you own the original Switch model (1st gen), the stability, speed, and screen have been enough for some to upgrade to the OLED switch. If you already own a 2nd gen, it’s personal preference whether you have the extra $350 looking to be spent. The good news is the same joy cons work on either console, and utilize the same HDMI connection to the TV. I plan to review some of my favorite couch co-op, family, and friend games in a future post. Game on!