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Product Management.
Digital Management.

With more than 10 years experience in Product Management and Digital Services, Curious Cog has the knowledge and perspective to provide end-to-end product, strategy, roadmap, workflow, social media, and content creation services to fit every small-to-medium sized business need.

Product Management

Strategic Planning

Every successful organization needs a strategy that fits the goals, initiatives, and long-term vision. Whether you develop software or physical products, you need a strategy that is concise, transparent, and supports your success criteria.

Curious Cog understands these organizational needs, and has built numerous strategic plans that are measurable, connect to strategic initiatives, and steer the organization in the direction of success. 

Product Consulting

Releasing new products and managing their lifecycle can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have the right framework and processes in place. Curious Cog has extensive experience building roadmaps, communicating them to stakeholders, and ensuring those releases drive behavior throughout the organization.

We can help in every stage of the process, from ideation to backlog management to feature building to go-to-market activities. We will help you bring strong product competencies to your company culture. 


A successful product strategy includes a robust roadmap. Although product roadmaps can be created using traditional tools like Office and Google Docs, managing them over the long term becomes cumbersome and challenging. 

We recommend using software designed for roadmap management, such as Aha! We have been using Aha! for years, and can help your organization successfully implement it and structure it to meet your needs.

Digital Management


The majority of our focus is on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but we can build a package based on the platforms that maximize your return on investment.


We can help you with one-time or recurring blog posts, or other content, on a wide range of topics.


Looking for visibility and campaigns outside of social media? We can help design and structure ad campaigns through Google to expand your reach and brand awareness.


We can add to your social media brand through intelligent digital ads that reach your target market