Our homepage says it all. Curious Cog represents the combination of the core reason we exist:

  • We are infinity curious–always learning, always sharing, and look for valuable partnerships that provide mutual benefits
  • We know websites, small businesses, and creative ways to bring new success…which means we can be that cog you are currently missing

We love the people we work with! We are careful about the business we take on, because we want long-term partnerships, and don’t look for short-term gains that don’t bring a lot of value to both sides. We are passionate about our work, love designing beautiful websites for fellow businesses, work hard to keep our pricing reasonable, and keep exceptional customer service as our top priority.

Be the Cog is our initiative to give back to our local community, and support this wonderful state we live in. We love technology, small businesses, and helping people–and look for ways to give back within these themes.


Every business is different. Different needs, different style, different goals. One thing in common is that each business wants to be successful and spend money in the best places possible. Your business needs to be online, with an intuitive and responsive website, allowing your customers to find you across the internet in as many ways as possible. We can help in a way that makes sense for you.

Charging extra for a website that is mobile-friendly goes against the very reason we do what we do. Mobile devices account for the majority of internet search, so why do so many website designers charge so much for a mobile-optimized website? And why are so many websites not smartphone optimized?

Well, those two questions go hand in hand. Too many website designers charge extra for things like device responsiveness, when that should be the standard. Every website we make is optimized to be responsive across all devices, from large computer monitors to smartphones. We wouldn’t have it any other way. And neither should you.

This is a common question across many industries, especially in software or web design. Stuff happens. The difference with Curious Cog, is we don’t believe you should have to pay for it. Our pricing is fixed and provided up-front for the work we agree to provide. We know how rare this is, that it might be unbelievable, but again, we believe this should be standard.

One of the ways we accomplish this is by finding the right businesses to work with. We leverage our knowledge, tools, and resources to create your beautiful website as efficiently as possible, while making sure it will meet your needs as a business. Our pricing is fair for the work we provide, and all we ask in return is for a mutually respectful arrangement that is clear and upfront on priorities, which helps limit frequent and unnecessary rework. This keeps costs down, and gets you online faster.

We know there is a lot to consider every day when running your business. Some businesses prefer to pay more upfront, and treat their website more as a capital expense. Others would prefer to break it up into more frequent but smaller chunks as an operational expense.

In an effort to work with you as much as possible, we offer both as payment options. With our standard pricing, you pay for the website to be designed in a lump sum, and then pay the cost of annual hosting and maintenance that renews every year. With our Website as a Service pricing, the website design, hosting and maintenance are all amortized into easy-to-manage, consistent monthly payments for as long as you work with us. Both options are available, pick the one that is right for you!

Yes, and this is our preferred method of optimizing your website experience. Our hosting packages include a custom domain, if you don’t already have one, and provide you with basic maintenance updates every month. This frees you up to spend more time on running your business, and less on the things you shouldn’t be dealing with.

We host websites securely, partnering with a company that uses state-of-the-art hardware and software, ensuring you receive the most robust experience possible. We can also help keep your site updated and make changes to it as you want them. Just ask and let’s figure out how to help you meet your goals!