Curious Reviews – G Suite for Business

I am a small business. I support other small businesses. 

As my business has grown over the years, I’ve experimented with a number of tools, apps and software solutions to increase efficiency, make it easier to collect payments, and ensure I have visibility into the critical areas of day-to-day operations. 

Another admission: I am a proud Androidian, or Googlian, or Androidifan, or however you would prefer I categorize my fanfare for Google (sorry…Alphabet). For as long as I’ve been able to make the choice, I’ve dedicated more and more of the tools I use in my daily life to those offered by the colorful company with the big ‘G’. (Look out for more blog posts soon on my usage of other Google products)

I have also had extensive experience with Google’s primary competitor in this arena, Microsoft, and their current solution suite, Office 365.  While there are many similarities in feature and function between the two solutions, Google’s fast, cost-effective, cloud-based tools provide an encompassing experience. It has proven to be an excellent solution, especially for individuals and SMBs.

First of all, there is no risk in giving it a try.  From this page, you can try G Suite for free for 14 days. After that, month-to-month pricing kicks in. As with most subscriptions, you can cancel at any time.  

As an added bonus, Google has provided me with promotional codes to offer my readers 20% off for their first full year! Just send me a message and I’ll send one right over (weather permitting)…meaning until the codes no longer work. Reach me anytime at

Now, let us dig a little deeper into the suite…

G Suite leverages tools from Google most of us already use and love—such as Gmail and Calendar—and layers on business specific cloud storage, business personalization, and support. From scheduling meetings with colleagues and clients to hosting video conferences, G Suite offers cloud tools to take your small business to new heights.  As I’m writing this blog post, G Suite is being used by more than 5 million businesses, which shows that in a short period of time Google has figured out the right tools for the right price. 

In addition, as Docs and Sheets close the gap to Microsoft’s similar Word and Excel, it has become even easier to operate your entire business within Google’s ecosystem. Combine this with the video conferencing features of G Suite, and you have a powerhouse of small-to-medium sized business tools that are applicable to any venture, from an individual service provider to a custom manufacturer. 

From email to cloud storage to documentation applications to video conferencing, G Suite for Business has you covered. I encourage you to do your own research, and give G Suite a try. Anyone can access the free trial from here. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on G Suite! Is it meeting your business needs?