Purchasing a Nintendo Switch in 2022

As an elder millennial, I love each time the fun and nostalgia from my childhood find a new home in the hearts of younger generations. From Scooby Doo to Transformers to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, some childhood favorites are being reimaged. But similar to LEGO, some new toys and entertainment from my childhood have kept […]

Curious Reviews: Google Pixel 4 XL—An unapologetic review from a Google fan

Innovative features and a beautiful Android experience trump a few shortcomings   Pros Solid exterior body and design Beautiful, clean Android experience Innovative features Crisp display Cons Battery life Price   When the Pixel 4 XL was released in October, it was immediately met with a mix of excitement and criticism. As with any new […]

Looking for the Best Product Management Software? Just say Aha!

Rich functionality combined with focused, intuitive design make Aha! the best choice for product managers When I found product management, I found a role that changed my career trajectory forever. Since college, I’ve worked in sales, technical support, quality and electrical engineering. After I applied for and accepted my first product management position, I had […]

Curious Reviews – Gimlet Media’s Science Vs

In the land of science shows and entertaining podcasts, there are the usual suspects, and then, there’s Wendy Zuckerman. Wendy Zuckerman, the wonderful, engaging, intelligent host of Gimlet Media’s Science Vs takes her listeners on a journey through facts and scientific research, challenging those who are open minded and curious on a wide spectrum of […]

Curious Reviews – iRobot Roomba i7

A Premium Clean for a Premium Price As homes get smarter, technology entrenches itself more and more into our daily lives. From smart bulbs to smart speakers to smart thermostats, the overuse of that word makes you wonder how we ever survived in our ‘dumb’ homes in previous generations. Now, I love technology. I love […]

Curious Reviews – G Suite for Business

I am a small business. I support other small businesses.  As my business has grown over the years, I’ve experimented with a number of tools, apps and software solutions to increase efficiency, make it easier to collect payments, and ensure I have visibility into the critical areas of day-to-day operations.  Another admission: I am a […]

What’s in an MTP? Imagining Your Massive Transformative Purpose

Do you have a corporate mission statement? If you work for a company, regardless of the size and industry, there is a strong chance you have a mission. If you don’t, you should take some time and come up with one (you need strategic direction and something to work toward!). It might be a phrase […]

Ripples to Waves – Navigating the Sea of Technological Disruption

Even if you don’t personally work in an industry going through a technological disruption at this very moment– be aware! One is coming, and it won’t ask twice before entering your ecosystem and flipping your comfort zone on its head. What am I referring to? AirBnB – Disrupting the hospitality industry… Uber & Lyft – Disrupting the taxi and […]

Are You Prepared to Compete “Exponentially”?

An Exponential Organization, according to Salim Ismail’s book of the same name, “is one whose impact (or output) is disproportionately large—at least 10x larger—compared to its peers because of the use of new organizational techniques that leverage accelerating technologies.” Curious Cog, as of the minute this article was published, has not invented a physical product the […]